Everyday at 00:00 the gates will be closed and Noatun from the rookie channel will be invaded by powerful Lichs. Once the invasion starts, players will have 30 minutes to stop it.

-> “IceLich” monsters will always drop one of the items: Symbol of Wisdom, Laktorerium Powder x20, Symbol of Infinity x10 or Bless Refining +4.

-> When all “IceLich” have been defeated, the boss “Sand Lich” will appear on Thor's Altar.

-> The “SandLich” boss will always drop one of the items: Darkness jewel, Soul of Beriel, Silver coin (100kk) or Bless Refining+6.

-> The guild that performs the last attack on the boss “SandLich” will receive 25 fame guild.

-> There will be no CP loss inside the castle during the war.

Good luck to you warriors!

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