Introduction to CM Initiative

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Introduction to CM Initiative

A community as rich and passionate as WYD Global needs players who can be the connecting link between the team and the players. These players are experienced users, from all over the world, who have been chosen by the WYD Team to perform some activities with the aim of improving the relationship between players.

First of all, they are people like you and me. Hardworking, dedicated players who want to transform the game into an even better environment. The CMs have the mission to help beginner players with solutions to questions and problems, monitor in-game activities, forum and discord, report bugs and problems and participate in tests and suggestions for improvements.

Each CM has a Discord account with a custom nickname and "CM Team" tag in the forum, having a relevant online presence. CMs are focused on the well being of the community, so they are forbidden from using their position for personal advantage.

In addition to the constant monitoring of the WYD GM's team, it is vital that there is a scrutiny of both the players and the CMs so that we can act swiftly and fairly in any irregular attitude.

Want to be a CM? Apply now!

The vacancies have already been filled, but the registrations remain open and whenever new vacancies open up we will recruit more engaged players. Your interest is very important.


Want to know more about CM's activities, privacy policy, and rewards?
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Meet the WYD Global CM team

The team consists of players from various countries around the world, Taiwan, Turkey, the Philippines, Brazil, and many others. In Discord, it is possible to identify the CMs with the tag of the country of origin to facilitate the interaction.

The initial CM team for WYD Global will be as follows:

[CM] Moon (Turkey)[CM] Blaze (Philippines)
[CM] King (Canada)
[CM] TinyZe (Taiwan)
[CM] Arsemia (Turkey)[CM] PesTe (Brazil)
[CM] Doutor (Brazil)

We hope that this system will serve to further integrate the relationship between community and players. The biggest winners in such a system will be the players themselves!

WYD Team

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