NPC DivineMerchant (Victory Coupon)

The DivineMerchant is an important NPC located in the city of Armia (X:2143 Y: 2087) that helps players evolve.


There you will find several items that can be purchased through Coupons found in LANs N, M, and A. These items are:



  • All items are Immovable and therefore can not be transferred to another account.
  • The item ETERNAL STONE found in this NPC can only be used in the creation of the Arch. Because it is immovable it will not be useful in other progressions or compositions in the game with the creation of the IDEAL STONE.
  • It will now also be possible to acquire the essences of the mounts Griffon, Hypogriff, Svadilfari, and Sleipnir.
  • It will now be possible to purchase the immovable "Ideal(Limited) Stone" item for the price of 50 Victory Coupons. The Ideal(Limited) Stone can only be used to create Celestial characters.

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