Guide: Capes

This is one of the most important guides for the beginning of a warrior's journey. The capes define the character's realm, and which path he will travel, and with all of this, the player will fight battles for the chosen realm together with his guildmates from the same realm.

There are two ways to get the red or blue cape on the mortal character:

1 - Knight of the Kingdom Quest - level required: 220.

The entrance to the quest is located in the Kingdom, from the King's altar, and to the right at the far end of the map.

The best way: open the mini-map using the shortcut ''M''. In Armia, use the teleport to the Kingdom of Noatun. Now use the teleport to Azran, and finally the second teleport to Camp Azran. This teleport will take you near the water gate. The next step to reaching the Kingdom is to cross the bridge and go in the same direction. When you arrive in the Neutral Zone, you must go to the Blue Kingdom or the Red Kingdom. Regardless of which you choose, the NPC Royal Guard, which is the NPC for the quest, will be near the King. The way there is the same for both Kingdoms.

Tip: The item Star Gem can be used to mark the location before entering the Kingdom if you prefer. Before clicking on the NPC for the quest, check the game time by clicking on the INSERT on your keyboard. This quest resets every minute 3 and some seconds. To enjoy the longest time in it, which is 10 minutes, always enter minute 3 and 20 seconds to ensure that it does not reset so soon and you have to do this whole course again.

Upon entering the quest, kill the glowing monsters until you drop the Kingdom Emblem item. If you don't succeed at the first entry, just come back here and redo the quest. Note: This quest starts at level 220 but the Kingdom Emblem item can only be equipped at level 221. With the Kingdom Emblem in hand, equip it, return to the Kingdom and click on the King of the chosen Kingdom. This quest can be done up to level 250.

2 - Level above level 250.

If you have passed the level required to complete the quest, don't worry, there is another way to perform the procedure and it is very simple: go to the kingdom of your choice and click on the King. A message with the number of sapphires required will appear. Now you just need to take the King the exact number of sapphires he requested. No more and no less, it has to be the exact number! The sapphire is a very easy item to find in the game's commerce or to acquire in events. In the less common cases, the NPC Redmiron located in the Blue Kingdom and the NPC Verdes located in the Red Kingdom sell the package with 10 units and also individually. Just one observation, this package cannot be opened.

Changing the Cloak.

If you regret the cover you have chosen, there is no problem. There is a way to change the cover of your kingdom. There is an item called Peerage Lift, which can be obtained from the NPC Hestia in Noatun. When it is activated, your cloak will turn white. This item only works if you are not in a guild. If the cloak is refined, there is a chance of refining it again. If you want to put color on your cape, just click on the King and bring the sapphires to him, as I taught you before.

Hint: If the character already has a BLUE or RED cloak, when you use the /kingdom command, you will be teleported to the NPC Redmiron or Verdes, depending on your kingdom. When you use the /king command, you will be teleported to the King. For the commands to work, you must have a portal scroll in your inventory

Cloak Edges.

The border is a way to slightly enhance the additional attributes of the cape.

  • To put the thin edge on, simply be level 255 or higher, click on the king of your kingdom, and take the sapphires he asks for.
  • To place the thick border, just activate the item Warrior's Seal if you are level 355 or higher. The item: Warrior's Seal can be obtained from the NPC Farche in Erion.
  • The golden thick border can only be acquired by mortals and is released by putting soul on the character, but that is a subject for another guide.

Cloaks on Arch characters.

As many of you already know, Archers are characters created from scratch, after obtaining a mortal character at level 400 and therefore the cape needs to be obtained on this character as well.

Unlike the mortal character, it is not possible to do the Knight of the Realm quest, and to put the cape on the character you need to be level 220 or higher and perform the sapphire process (same procedure performed on mortal characters higher than level 250).

  • To turn it into a white cape, just use the Peerage Lift item. To enter the BLUE or RED Kingdom, just click on the King and take the Sapphires he asks for.
  • If the character is level 355 and does not have a BLUE or RED cape, when unlocking the level, it will become a white cape with a thick border.
  • To put the thin border on the Arch is the same process that was taught in the mortal. The thick border is only released when unlocking level 355.

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