Basic Commands

1. Moving
If you wear boots, you can walk faster and the speed of movement may vary depending on the items, skills and attributes of the mount.

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2. Physical Attack
To attack your opponent or mob with an equipped weapon, left-click on the character or monster of the opponent. If the distance between the enemy is greater than your character's range of attack, you should approach.

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Note: Long range weapons (bow and throw) can be used by pressing the Shift key and clicking with the left mouse button to attack enemies within range without moving.

3. Magic Attack 
To use a magic skill, you first need to open the skill window and register the skill you want to use in the "Quick Skill Slot". Skills recorded in this field can be selected using the '1' ~ '10' or 'F1' ~ 'F10' keys. The selected skill can be used by clicking the right mouse button.

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