(GUIDE) Guild System

Guild System
When you leave a Party, you are permanently out of that Party unless you are summoned again, but the Guild is different. The Guild enforced a more enduring involvement. The "Group" is the way to play, the Guild is a way to be part of the community. The guild system has systems aimed exclusively at it, such as guild, city and tower wars.

[Accessing the Guild menu within the game]

The guild panel can be accessed via the “O” shortcut on your keyboard. It can be used by all guild members to view guild information and view guild members. Also, the guild leader will be able to pin messages to members and manage them even if they are offline.

: Guilds will now have a limit of 52 members.

[Creating a guild]
To create a guild, you need to access the Guild Panel through the “O” shortcut on your keyboard. The following menu will be displayed:

Image 35750

When opening the guild panel without the player being in a guild, the Create Guild button will be shown. Before clicking on it, make sure you also have 100 million GOLD in your inventory.

Image 35751

Then the player simply clicks on the Create Guild button.

[Choosing Sub-Leaders]

The guild leader can choose 3 sub-leaders. Sub-leaders have the power to summon players to the guild and to lead the guild in battle when the guild leader is unavailable.

[Nomination System]

After Ctrl+Right Click on a guild member you want to choose as Guild Sub for 50,000,000 Gold a window with the message "enter the name of the Sub Guild" will appear, enter the name of the Sub Guild and press Enter.
When the Sub registration succeeds, the Sub leader will receive a Sub leader Badge automatically and the message "xxx has been named Sub leader" will be displayed. You can use the Sub leader's GOLD as if it were yours.

[Guild member naming]

The size of the Guild becomes larger according to the number of members summoned to the Sub-Guilds, for this reason it is of great importance to nominate a sub-leader so that he can recruit members paying a fee per member.

Note: The Guild is the member nominated as Sub-Leader they need GOLD and good settings.

[Transferring Guild]

If you don't want to be the Guild Leader, you can transfer the leader medal to another player.

[ Transfer method ]

The Character who will receive the leader medal must be a member of the guild and you must put the command "/transfer [member name]" the character will automatically receive the Leader Medal or Sub Leader Medal.

When you transfer the guild, you will have to spend 40 Million GOLD.

The Guild shown in the screenshots is an example. If you type the command '/[character name]', the guild name will be displayed on the screen. But, the player must be connected and you must verify that he is not a Sub-Leader. You can check whether a member is a Leader, or Sub-Leader, or Common Guild Member by the frame around the GuildMark.

[Kick from the Guild/Leave Guild]
For the GuildMaster to kick a member: /kick character_name.

For the Guild member to leave, type the command /leave

Pay close attention, because if the GuildMaster uses the command without putting the character's name next to the command, the Guild will break up.

[Alliance between guilds]

Different guilds can form alliances, thus prohibiting PvP between their allied members in these zones and during Wars. Through the Alliance, you can also inhibit Chaos mode, preventing attacks between allied members. Ally declaration is only allowed once for each guild, so each guild can only have one ally at a time.

The alliance between guilds is a possible option only for the master and the guild boss, choose the "Guild" option in the menu that appears when right-clicking on the character.

By selecting the "Alliance" option, confirm the alliance with another guild.

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