Technical and disconnection issues

Unstable connection

    If you are frequently disconnected from the game, it is possible that the issue is due to an IP address conflict. Therefore, follow the steps below to change your VPN (video tutorial: and download link

Game client crash
If your game is closing completely, and not just returning to the character screen, perform the following step by step:

1- Right click and select "Open Network and Internet settings".
2- In the new window that opened, look for "Change adapter options"
3- In the window that opens, choose your adapter that is being used and right-click and then properties
4- In the new opened window, scroll down in the area indicated by the red square until you find "IP Protocol Version 6 (TCP / Ipv6)
5 - Disable it by unchecking the box on the left, and then press OK

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Image 34435

Game malfunction
If you are unable to access some NPCs (eg Prisang Neil), try the following procedure:
1 - Disable game effects (/effects) in populated areas.
2 - If the problem persists, change your game's resolution in the Launcher to 1280 x 800, or leave the game in Windowed Mode.
3 - If it still hasn't been resolved, try repairing the game through the Launcher.

I've tried all of the above and I'm still having problems.
If you've tried all of the above situations and you're still getting disconnected from the game frequently, please contact us through Technical Support so we can assess what happened.

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