Illegal in-game conduct

1. Illegal trade in items or gold

It is strictly forbidden to purchase items with real money in the game.
Purchasing items with real money violates the game rules and may result in penalties to your account.

The With Your Destiny team is not responsible for any act of purchasing items with real money by players.

2. Offensive behavior by in-game players

Whenever abusive behavior by other players is suspected, please take screenshots and/or videos and send them to our Technical Support. The overall well-being of the WYD player community is our top priority.
3. How to proceed when faced with these or other illegal conducts within the game

Please play fairly and ethically and respect the established rules. If you find players carrying out illegal activities within our game, send a ticket under the Complaints category to Technical Support, informing what happened with as much detail as possible, in addition to the names of the players involved.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperating.

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