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I registered at the Royal Arena and was not teleported inside
To avoid the occurrence of this bug, it is necessary that the player:
1) Stay connected to the same character after registering;
2) Do not use any item that can change your character's power.

I registered Clues and didn't get teleported inside
Remember to avoid performing some actions after track registration. Check out:
1) Do not change the group leader after track registration;
2) Do not add/remove group members after track registration;
3) Stay in the Hall until the track starts (on the platform).

I can't craft Victory Coupons even though I have multiple emblems in my inventory
After an update in November 2022, only one Victory Coupon item can be crafted per day.
You can check this and other information in the patchlist news of 11/17/2022 by clicking HERE.

I can't use DivineMerchant's Ideal Stone to make my Sub-Celestial
Unfortunately, untradable Ideal Stones cannot be used to create Sub-Celestials. The Stone granted by NPC DivineMerchant is untradable. However, in this case, you can contact Technical Support to request the return of Victory Coupons spent by mistake.

My mount is wearing an costume that cannot be removed
Sometimes this error can happen, and in this case it is necessary to contact Technical Support directly so that the suit can be removed. To speed up the process, leave both the mount and the costume remover in the first slots of your cargo hold and send the ticket to Support informing the situation.

Class Balancing
Procedures regarding class and item balancing are usually laborious and delicate. But it is also worth remembering that balancing is never rigid and permanent, and can be reassessed if the need for change is really found, but this needs to be done through a careful study, which can take some time. If you feel the need to report any difficulties with game balancing, open a ticket in the Suggestions and Criticism category so that Technical Support can assess your request.

I want to delete my character. How to proceed?
Characters can only be deleted by accessing the account. In Character Selection, select the character you want to delete and go to the “Delete” option. Then wait the requested time. After the time specified in the previous step has elapsed, just repeat the procedure to confirm the deletion (avoid carrying out the procedure on server 1).

I'm trying to enter the game but it is unavailable
Please check our server status through the official Discord, in the "server-status" tab. We always advise about weekly scheduled and extraordinary maintenance there. If the message you are receiving is "Account under review", please contact Technical Support.

I switched devices and I can't access my Raid Hut App account
The App only allows a single device to be connected to your account at a time. Therefore, it is necessary to unlink the previous device so that a new one can be linked. Contact Technical Support to have the unlinking procedure performed.

I can't enter my guild's Guildmark
Make sure the file being uploaded within the Guild Panel is following the required standard:
1) The file must be in 24-bit .bmp format
2) Have dimensions 16x12 pixels.
3) After that, wait for the indicated period and try to resend the file in the correct format. If you still experience problems, contact Technical Support.

I made an NPC trade and regretted it, can I go back?
We only reverse trades when two conditions are met: the player made the trade through an NPC (we do not return trades signed between players or through the shop), and if the trade reward is guaranteed (we do not return random rewards delivered by NPCs). If your exchange meets these two conditions, please contact us through Technical Support.

I put the wrong value on an item in my shop and another player bought it. Can I have the item back?
Unfortunately, in this situation we cannot return the item, as it was not a bug or technical problem with the game.

I would like to learn more about the game, where can I do that?
Our website has a list of official guides that can answer questions about game systems and progression. Access it through this link.

My issue is not on this list or any other section of the F.A.Q
If your issue is not listed above or in other sections of our F.A.Q. (Payment, Awarded Package Issues, Data Recovery, Technical Issues and Illegal In-Game Conduct), contact Technical Support via ticket.

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