9th Skill

9th Skill
The 9th can be learned by all characters and are found at the NPC 9thMaster (X:2136 Y:2115), located in Armia. Skills can be purchased in exchange for gold (Confirm the value before buying).

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-> 9th books can also be acquired through events and promotions, in addition to the market between players.
-> It is only possible to learn the 9th of the same lineage as the 8th.
-> When learning 9th, the mastery point cap is increased to 320.
-> The 9th can be unlearned using Composite Divine Circle.
-> The 9th can be learned from level 201 on Celestial/Subcelestial characters.
For each class of each character there is a different 9th.
-> It takes 255 skill points to learn the skill.



Anti Magic Shield: When using this skill, a shield is created around you, and you can dodge spells. The more points in this lineage, the longer the effect lasts.


Mind Unity: When you learn this skill, your evocations become more powerful.


Hard Shell: Reduces the chance of receiving critical hits.



Divine Protection: By using this skill, the character will become invulnerable for a certain period and will amplify the healing of the "Aura of Life" skill (10% of INT points).


Blood: When using two one-handed weapons and hitting a critical hit, there is a chance to regenerate a small amount of HP.

Magic Sword

Mirror Magic: Increase the chance to hit a magic attack on the opponent.



Counter Attack: After dodging an attack, your next attack will be increased.


Point Master: By learning this skill, your character's Alchemy power will be amplified, increasing the chance of success in composing jewelry.


Direct Shoot: The first attack after coming out of invisibility will cause a damage bonus proportional to the target's HP. Additionally, the attack will paralyze the target and reduce the absorption capacity of the "mana control" skill for a short period of time.


White Magic

Cenote: Adds a chance to increase the healing received by group members (healing critical).

Black Magic

Mystery Magic: When you use this skill, your attacks will do more damage and the mana cost of skills will be increased.

Special Magic

Remove Memory: When you use the skill 'CANCELLATION', there is a chance that the target will be unable to move. However, he can still use his skills.

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