10th Skill

To learn the 10th skill of your class, you need

  • The previous skills
  • 4000 fame points

The skills are:


  • White Magic:

Absolute Protection: When using this skill, a magical ice shield will be created, making the character invulnerable for 64 seconds. WARNING: The use of any other skill, deactivates the shield.

  • Black Magic:

Freezing Skillful (passive): When using ice attribute skills, there is a chance that the opponent will be held in place, preventing him from moving.

  • Special Magic

Incapacitate: The opponent's positive effects (buff) will be removed, making him weaker.


  • Faith:

Divine Blessing (Passive): Your HP will be regenerated by 100% when using the 9th skill "Divine protection".

  • Trans:

Weapon Master (Passive): Increases the character's Critical.

  • Magic Sword:

Ice Binding (passive): When using the eighth skill of this lineage (ice storm), there is a chance that your opponent will be frozen, preventing him from moving for a certain amount of time.


  • Element:

Resistant Flame: A protection of fire will be created on the character, conceiving a chance for a flaming beast to be summoned against the nearest opponent.

  • Summon:

Final Summon: The FinalVerid monster will be summoned.

  • Nature:

Intention Thorns (Passive): Will cause there to be a chance of the opponent's damage being reflected.


  • Survival:

Rapid Hit Skillful (Passive): Enhances the skill "Lightning Storm!

  • Trade:

Rob Money: When using this skill, the opponent's HP will be decreased, and part of that HP can be drained into your character.

  • Capture:

Claw Skillful (Passive): Increases the character's DES and increases critical damage by 30% when using claws.

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