Refining System +0 to +11

Except for items marked as ''impossible to refine,'' all weapons and armor can be refined using Ori Powder and Lac Powder. If you refine your items using Ori Powder and Lac Powder, +(number) is marked following the name of the item. When your refining increases, the item's attack power, defensive power, and additional option are also increased by 10% and another bonus option will be added if you are able to refine your equipment to level 9. Also, the higher the class of your weapons and armor, the more difficult it is to refine them. Items of lower classes have a higher success rate. When the refining of the item increases, the refining success rate drops, resulting in increased dust consumption.

Defense items and weapons can be refined, except that weapons require a longer process in which one must move to Ancient before being able to refine to +10, unlike armor.

Weapon Refinement:
Weapons have a longer process, in which it is necessary to refine it to +9 normally and soon after making it Ancient, through the NPC Compositor. When you do this, the item will return to a refining value of +7, making it necessary to refine it to +9 again.

Right after refining two weapons to Ancient +9, you can try to merge them to get one with +10 level refining!

Refinement +10

The system is similar to Ancient item formation, to refine you will need to put two +9 items together and merge them to form one +10 item.

With the base of the options of the two +9 items, the option of the combined +10 item is set.

In the same way as an Ancient item, the additional option of a combined item can vary depending on the gem (stone/gem) used, you can craft an item that exceeds the +9 item options. In the case of an Ancient item, only weapons can be combined, but in the case of refining an item to +10 level, both weapons and defenses can be combined. Forming a combined item to level +10 requires the use of an item called the “Wise Man’s Stone”.

> Combination items

You can form a +10 item through the ''Aileen'' of Azran City, you need two items with the same name at level +9 and 50 million gold for the combination.

Name: Combination Item

- Quantity: 2

- Requirement: 2 items+9 of same type

- Refineable Items: Ancient Weapons, Equipment (including shields)

Name: Wise Man’s Stone

- Quantity: 1

- Usage: Refine+9 items into +10 (one of the ingredients needed to refine the item)

Name: Jewel

Quantity: 1~4

Usage: Increases refining success rate

1 Jewel: +4% success rate

2 Jewel: +8% success rate

3 Jewel: +15% success

4 Jewels: +32% success

Name: Jewel

Use: Displays in advance the attributes that can be added to the item when combining two +9 items, forming a +10 item with one of the options displayed within 4 boxes.


Increases the probability of success in the combination. Use of the same type of jewelry is possible.

-Diamond: +8% Drop rate

-Emerald: +40 Perf

-Coral: +2% XP rate

-Garnet: +40 Abs

Allowed combo items: Ancient weapons, Defense (including Shields).

  • The base option of the item increases, but bonus options are not affected.
  • Only items of the type such as Normal, Mystic, Arcane, Legendary, and Ancient are allowed for the combination. In the case of Ancient items, only those that were crafted with the same gems are allowed.
  • To combine you need 50 million gold.
  • On success a +10 item will appear in your inventory and on failure, the 2 +9 items will remain, but the rest of the ingredients will disappear.
  • In case of success, a +10 item will appear in your inventory and case of failure, the 2 +9 items will remain, but the rest of the ingredients will disappear.
  • If you succeed in combining the items, you will get an additional attribute to your weapon based on the gem used.
  • If you fail, the two +9 items will remain, but the rest of the ingredients will disappear.
  • The combination can only be done on Ancient weapons and defense (including shields), but accessories cannot be combined. Standard normal weapons cannot be combined.

Refinement +11

When you succeed in this composition to +10 using Lac Powder, you can refine it to +11.

When you have completed these steps, you will be able to attempt to refine to +12.

For defense items, including shields, the process is simpler, simply refining 2 items to +9 and following the same process to +10 and +11.

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