GUIDE: Royal Arena

The Royal Arena is a tournament that takes place between the knights of Kersef! The quest can be accessed every day on the newbie channel. To participate, stay tuned for registrations that open at 13:00, 19:00, 20:30, and 23:00(UTC-3).

How it works:

Once registration starts, up to 52 players can register at NPCs “Repus” located in Armia (2121 2150), Azran (2491 1727), and Ice (3666 3138). After registration, 4 groups will be formed randomly and players will have to face each other in the Arena.

When the quest is finished, all members of the winning group receive rewards. Rewards vary in coupons and experience.

-> Only Celestial characters can register.

-> If two groups survive to the end, the team with the most lives will be the winner.

-> If both groups have the same amount of lives, there will be no winners.

-> The player will need to stay alive for at least 2 minutes for their score to be computed.

-> Players inside the Royal Arena will have their mount and armor appearance changed to the default skin.

-> Players inside the Royal Arena will receive a boost to their total HP when teleported to the map. The value of HP obtained will be the same for all players but may vary depending on the quest time.

-> The maximum level to participate in the 20:30(UTC-3) Royal Arena is 340.

-> The minimum level to participate in the 23:00(UTC-3) Royal Arena is 341.

Royal Arena: Infinite Tower Mode

Royal Arena's “Infinite Tower” mode will feature a different dynamic that will force players to test their gameplay and strategies in a different way. At the beginning of the quest the “Royal Tower” will be randomly summoned within the Royal Arena map and teams must try to destroy it to earn 1 point. Whenever the turret is destroyed, a new turret will be summoned at another location at random. At the end of the quest, the team with the most points will be the winner. But beware, each player has only one life, however, whenever the player dies, he will only have a 10% chance of losing it and returning to the city. In this way, teams will have to create new strategies to protect themselves, take down turrets, and remove players from enemy teams simultaneously.

Royal Arena: Tower Mode

In the new mode, teams must create strategies to destroy the towers that will appear randomly on the quest map while trying to fight with the other teams.

-> The team that destroys 30 towers first will be the winner.

-> If only one team survives within the quest, it will be the winner.

-> Each player has only one life, however, when killed, there is a random chance for the player to remain in the quest.

-> The mode takes place every day at 12:00, 17:00, and 19:30(UTC-3).

-> There is no experience gained for participating/winning the quest.

->There is a 10-second cooldown for the first tower to spawn after starting the quest.

-> Reduced new tower spawn cooldown after destruction.

Battle Pass

In this update, the Tier System in the Royal Arena will allow new rankings between Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, and Diamond that will work according to the Ranking of the site. In addition, the new system for upgrading Hardcore items to Celestial will be released.

Battle Pass Experience:

Participate in Arena - 10 Exp.

Win any arena - 100 Exp.

-> To receive the scores the player needs to remain active in the arena for at least 2 minutes.


The ranking score will be counted from the arenas held from 07/01/2022 to 08/01/2022. The Battle Pass Items Update along with the Royal Ranking Update will be updated from Monday 04/07/2022 so that all players have the weekend to claim the outstanding rewards from the last season.

At the end of each season, a survey will be made of the players with the highest rankings within each Tier. Based on this rank, the player will receive the Royal Coat of Arms, which can be exchanged at the NPC Royal Master.

Tiers Definition:

Tier Position in Reward Ranking

Diamond: 1st to 5th [30] Brasão Real

Platinum: 6th to 15th [20] Brasão Real

Gold: 16th to 25th [15] Brasão Real

Silver: 26th to 40th [10] Brasão Real

Bronze: 41st to 52nd [05] Brasão Real

How do I secure my reward at the end of the Season?

After the end of the season, items will be delivered within 3 business days of the last day of the season. Players will be able to exchange the Royal Coat of Arms item at the NPC Royal Master which will be located behind the Arzan Coliseum.

NPC Royal Master (Arzan)


[01] Brasão Real

Random Reward Amount

[01] Bahamut Crystal

[02] Amunra Crystal

[01] Silver Wyden (1Bi)

[01] Cursed Hat (Black)

[01] Legendary Dragon’s Egg

-> All rewards are immovable.

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