Beginner's Guide

If you're new to the server, welcome to WYD GLOBAL.

In this guide, we'll introduce you to the basics of the game so you don't get lost:


First, enter the game and choose the channel you want, the green channel is called the “newbie channel”. In this channel, it is possible to open stores to trade your items and there are also no PVP areas, that is, you can explore at will without being killed by another player.


After choosing the server you will be taken to the character screen where you will need to register a numeric password before choosing your character. Remember the added password, as you will need it every time you enter the game.


You will be able to choose 1 of the 4 classes available to start your journey and they are:

HUNTRES: Archer. It can distribute a lot of damage at long range, but positioning is important when choosing the character.

BEAST MASTER: Summoner. Able to summon and transform into powerful creatures.

PHOEMA: Sorceress. This character can cast powerful spells capable of hitting multiple creatures at once.

TRANS KNIGHT: Warrior. A brave knight skilled in close-range attacks that can block a lot of damage.

->All characters have alternative skills and equipment builds. It depends on the player's taste and gameplay.


Did you choose your character? So let's get to the game!

1 - You will be teleported to TRAINING FIELD, the first quest of the game. Talk to Unicorn and choose one of his starting weapons for free.

Image 31083

2 - Talk to NPC CabuncleWyd, he will give you some spells that will temporarily make you stronger.

3 - Follow the path until the conclusion of the path and kill the Orc boss until I got the Orc emblem.

4 - After performing the procedure, go back to the beginning of the quest and talk to the training boss, he will give you a reward for taking the Orc emblem to him.


As in the whole game, the interface is the initial presentation that the player receives to improve his first contact and facilitate the development of his journey. Below, we will present an important part of this interface and other information:

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    1. HP Bar: The value on the left side of the red bar is your current HP, and the value on the right is your maximum HP. The bar is located just above the character and can be activated/deactivated (along with the characters' names on the screen) by pressing the "N" key.
    2. MP Bar: The value on the left side of the blue bar is your current MP, and the value on the right is your maximum MP. As well as the HP bar is located just above the character and can be activated/deactivated (along with the characters' names on the screen) by pressing the "N" key.
    3. Mount HP Bar: Max HP equals the full yellow bar, the mount's HP bar is just below the MP bar.
    4. Mini Map: This allows you to see your location or that of your party members. "M" key shortcut.
    5. Mount HP and HP Indicators: Localized graphical representation of the amount of mount HP and HP the player currently has. Thanks to this bar, the player does not need to look for information in the main bar (found in the upper left corner of the screen).
    6. Chat window: Press the "+" key to enlarge it, and press 'ENTER' to activate the text input field.
    7. Amount of HP potion in inventory: The macro menu (CC) allows the player to choose the percentage of HP/MP that potions will be used automatically, as well as allowing the character to enter automatic combat mode.
    8. Experience Bar: Shows experience needed until the next level.
    9. Skill bar: (You can set 10 skills in total, "1~10" or "F1~F10" can be used to choose between set skills. Set skill can be deleted from the bar by selecting it and pressing the "Del" key ". Skills that work in automatic attack mode can be distinguished by the orange bar above the skill icon, which can be controlled from 2~10 skills using the "Y" key.
    10. System Menu Bar: It has several game screen buttons and options.


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For more information about the Quest and other basic information click here and come learn a little more with Fafão, one of the best-known WYD players over the years.

Good luck!

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