12th skills

The 12th skills have been added to the game and can be learned by celestial characters above level 320.
-> The character needs to learn the 11th skill of the same lineage before learning the 12th skill.
-> There is a cost of 12,000 fame points to learn the 12th skill. Initially this cost will be reduced to 1,200 to facilitate testing of new skills.
-> Skills can be acquired at the NPC “Jazeg” located in the city of Armia.



Clod Attack (Active) - When hitting the Destiny skill, there is a probability to reduce the opponent's evasion by 10% for 64 seconds.


Wind Storm (Passive) - Eliminates the HP reduction penalty and maximizes attack when buffing the Assault skill.

Magic Sword

Seal Master (Passive) - Improves the slowness after freezing the enemy with the Ice Storm skill.


    White Magic

    Holy Power (Passiva) - Doubles the duration of the debuff caused by the Flash skill (-10% Evasion for 64 seconds).

    Black Magic

    Thunder Lising (Passive) - Magic attack power is increased by 5%.

    Special Magic
    Another Change (Passive) -
    Replaces your HP in MP and recovers 2000 HP per second.

      Beast Master


      Manaburn Master (Active) - Increases the mana burn of the Ethereal Flames skill.


      Ice Armor (Passive) - Increases the character's defense. When inflicted with an attack, the attacker can receive a 128 second movement reduction (Slow).


      Last Resistance (Passive) - Increases the character's HP and defense for 32 seconds



        Freezing (Passive) - Increases accuracy by 15% if Ice Enchant skill is active.


        Reinforce Soul (Passive) - Increases the bonus of Soul Limit skill by 20%. If soul is set to two attributes, it increases 20% on each.


        Ambush (Active) - The Shadow Blade skill slows the enemy 128 seconds, even taking misses, reducing their movement to 1.

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