Spirits stones are equipment used to improve the character with some attributes such as Piercing damage and damage absorption.

There are two types of spiritual stones: E and F. Class E is the most common and has only one of the two additionals mentioned above. It can be obtained through drop-in quests or some in-game MOBs. Class F, on the other hand, can have both additionals and can be composed at NPC Shany, located in Ice City.

To compose the spirit stone F are necessary:

  • Arch 356 or higher
  • 2 E+9 spirit stones (On the first 2 slots of the composition).
  • 1 Spirit Stone with any refinement (refining does not interfere with the success of the composition)
  • 4 Laktorerium Powder

In case of failure, the lac dust and the spirit stone used in the third slot will be lost.

On success, 2 million experiences will be deducted from the character and the new spiritual stone is created. Stones can come with 15 piercing damage, 15 soak damage, or both of this additional damage.


To perform the procedure go to NPC Ehre located in Erion under the option "Spirit Stone II

the combination" and to perform the procedure, you will need:

  • 2 Ankhs +9
  • spiritual stone F
  • The anks used will define the additional base.


The Ankh of Justice sets a 4% maximum MP in the composition.

The Ankh of Eternity sets 4% maximum HP in the composition.

The Ankh da Glória is used to assign 2% of critics in the composition.

To improve additional base stones, just repeat the composition procedure, if successful there will be an increase of 4% in each base of MP or HP reaching up to 20%. In the case of critical, the increase is 2% in each refining and can reach 10%


It is possible to compose Spiritual Stones combining the Ankhs used but each base will have half of the attributes mentioned in the composition above, for example:

2% HP and 1% Critical

2% HP and 2% MP

Additionals can reach 10% for HP and MP and 5% for critical.

The composition of the AMUNRA STONES follows the same pattern of composition as the spiritual stones. In case of composition failure, all items will be destroyed so be careful and good luck!

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