Nightmare A

Nightmare (A) is the best way to level higher level or celestial arch characters. This quest takes place in Azran and the objective is to protect the city's NPCs. There are 8 NPCs in azran that need attention, and making sure nothing happens to them is very important as the nightmare xp reduces with every NPC killed.

ATTENTION: This item must be used in a group!


The entry item to the nightmare can be used in hours:




That's 3 times an hour. Pay attention not to lose your entry!

Another important fact, after the entry, the team has 4 minutes to think about the best possible tactic. The idea is to spread out and position themselves well to ensure that NPCs lose as little HP as possible.


The "Nightmare" Item is consumed regardless of the quest's success or fraction.

It is only allowed to teleport to the city using the return scroll during the quest procedure.


In this quest, some mobs will suddenly appear:

  • taron
  • iron taron
  • hell spider
  • Manticore

Manticores are the strongest MOBs in this quest, so avoid getting close in a large group, it can cause immediate death!

If in a certain time of Nightmare, the 8 NPCs are not killed, a new mob will appear to make the mission difficult: Lugefer.

Upon dying, Lugefers drop items with a 100% chance, however they are not so easy to be killed and their damage needs to be taken into account!

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