Unlock level 240 and 280 - Celestial

Upon reaching level 240 the Celestial must use the item "Divine Protection" to perform the unlock.

Unlocking level 280 uses the same item: "Divine Protection", but it is necessary that both characters (Celestial and Sub-Celestial) acquire level 280 to perform the unlock.

The item is composed by NPC Dedekinto located in Kefra City.

The items needed for composition are: Heart Beriel Almad (2) and Beriel Soul (2).


Notes: The chance of success of the composition is 25%.

There is no failure in using the item "Divine Protection" in unlocking level 240.

Unlocking level 280 has a 50% failure chance.

It is necessary to unlock only one of the characters.

The composition can only be performed with Celestial character level 200 or higher.

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