11th Skills

Now it will also be possible to learn the powerful 11th skills of each class. For this, the character must be level 281 or higher, have 1,000 fame points and use the desired skill book. Check out the effect of the new skills below:

TK trust

Name: Blaze Launcher

Description: Reduces a certain amount of the target's armor when hitting the "Spin of Fury" skill.

TK Trans

Name: Fencing Master Book

Description: Increases the character's critical damage.

TK magic sword

Name: Freezing Counter Book

Description: Increases the damage of the "Frozen Blade" skill by 5%.

FM White Magic

Name: Life Wave Book

Description: Reduces critical damage taken by 25%.

FM Black Magic

Name: Thunder Force Book

Description: When using lightning attribute skills, there is a chance to burn a part of the target's mana.

FM Special Magic

Name: Special Master Book

Description: Empowers the effect of damage, defense and skill boost buffs.

BM Elemental

Name: Resi Decrease Book

Description: Reduces target's immunity temporarily.

BM Evocation

Name: Powerful Summary Book

Description: Increases the amount of all summons by 1 unit.

BM Nature

Name: Weapon Power Book

Description: Increases damage when using two identical weapons.

HT Survival

Name: Skill Master Book

Description: Increases the survival point limit.

HT Exchange

Name: Plunder Book

Description: Increases the gold cost and damage taken by the skill “Golden Shield”.

HT Capture

Name: Bleeding Book

Description: Poisons the target with a powerful toxin that progressively deals damage.

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