Siege Warfare

Structure of Kingdom

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[Zone Division]

The Castle of Noatun is divided into two zones- the Town Zone (the bottom left corner) and the Castle War Zone (the top and bottom right corner). The Castle War Zone and The Fartel Desert Zone are separated by stockades at the entrance of the castle of Noatun. The outer side of the stockade is a normal zone, therefore during the Castle war, any PK activities there will be assessed by the PK system.
When the castle war begins, all the gates that are marked on the map will be closed. The Tower of Thor will appear just outside the city zone and the inner city zone. The Tower will attack everyone that comes close to it but it doesn't mean it can't be damaged. The city gate that separates the Town Zone and the Castle War Zone will not be damaged and the gate can't be opened during a Castle war. The guild members who captured the Castle of Noatun can use the Teleport Gate in their Guild Zone to teleport back to the "Castle War Zone".

[Moving to "Siege Warfare Progress Zone"]

Once the castle war has started, participating characters will be summoned to a specified place outside the town. Members of the guild who captured the castle will remain inside the castle. They have to go through the Fartel Desert (which is located at the south of the kingdom) to get to the Castle of Noatun. During the castle war, players are prohibited to use summons, teleport and teleport scroll when they are inside the Castle of Noatun, therefore they must do all the necessary actions outside the Castle War zone.
During the Castle War, players can use the teleport gate at each town to teleport to the "Town Zone" in the Castle of Noatun, but they must enter the gate that separates the town zone and the castle war zone.

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Siege Warfare Participation Qualification

All players are allowed to participate in the Kingdom of Noatun" castle war. This skirmish is characterized by two kingdoms fighting it out for the honor of getting the castle of Noatun. White-caped players can still participate in the war, and it they can choose freely which side they want to belong.

- Garrison : The guild master of the guild that owns the Castle of Noatun" and players from the same kingdom will act as the Garrison during the war.
Kingdom guild master players participate in siege warfare as Garrison

- Aggressor : All other players except Garrison

Process of Siege Warfare

A Siege Warfare is progress at every Saturday but a Siege Warfare is progressing every second week and one week is odd server, next week is even server.

- Garrison : Guild member and guild master in "Kingdom of Noatun", guild master and players who belong in
same kingdom
- Aggressor : Other Players/Kingdom
- Progress : 18:00 / Notice for the start of Siege Warfare which will be broadcasted after 5 minutes throughout the server.
18:05 / Siege Warfare begins, each gate is closed and "Tower of Thor" is created
19:55 / If the castle is defended successfully, the Garrison will win the Siege Warfare.

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Important things to do to gain victory in Siege Warfare

Once you have destroyed the "Tower of Tore", you will be able to see an "Altar of thor" in that exact position. If other guild masters manage to enter the altar, a message will appear: "____has occupied the altar of Thor."
After staying there for 5 minutes, you will then get a message "___has taken the castle of Noatun". It means that you have successfully claimed the castle of Noatun. After the siege, the winning guild master will get the "Crown of Atila" and cannon. He will also receive two "Conjure cannon sills books" which is needed to use the cannon.

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In order to get the "Crown of Atila" and the two "Conjure cannon skill books", you must first empty your inventory.

The guild master or sub guild master must be present in the "Altar of Thor" to gain victory. However, only the guild master can get the "Crown of Atila".

Guild mastering which has a different characteristic and phu guild mastering it will not be able to fall the altar.

Reward for the Owner of Noatun Castle

- The winning guild of the siege war gets to own the castle (or the guildzone of Noatun castle)
- The guild master who has the Castle of Noatun is entitled to 40% of the tax from the 3 towns. Taxes from the transactions in the Castle NPCs are also given to the guild master of the Castle.
- All town portals are connected to the "Castle of Noatun" which makes the transfer from town to town possible. You will be charged 700 gold every time you use this portal. 50% of the portal charges are also given to the guild master that owns the castle of Noatun.

Application of PK mode in the Castle War

When the siege warfare starts, the PK mode will be changed from below and the chaos point system will be applied.

- When kingdom possession PC is attacking

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Chaos System During Castle War

During Castle War, PK in the area of Castle War does not affect the Chaos System but if the player dies, C. Point will increase, and PK outside of the Castle War will affect the Chaos System. After finishing the Castle War, PK in the area of Castle War will affect the Chaos System.

¡Ø If you fight near the barricade of Castle, you can sometimes be affected by Chaos point. Just try to stay inside the Castle as much as possible.

Items about Siege Warfare

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Hired Soldier

During the castle war, you may use the "hired soldier contract" to employ mercenary soldiers. You just have to right-click on the Mercenary Soldiers Summon Book and the mercenary soldiers will be summoned right away. Each Mercenary Soldiers Summon Book will last for only 10 minutes, after 10 minutes all the mercenary soldiers will automatically disappear.
Mercenary Soldiers Summon Book can be purchased from the traders in all kingdoms (Royal Trader Rademy, Royal Trader Freddies). There are 3 types of Mercenary Soldiers Summon Book which are the Knight, Magician and Archer.

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Those who have invaded the Castle of Noatun discovered lot of mysterious things happening in the castle. It is a sign that the mysterious spirit is slowly accepting its master. In order to confirm all these suspicions, the inhabitants of the Castle of Noatun started to build the "Tower of Thor".

After a month and a week, the tower was completed. The energy emanating from Noatun castle spread throughout the town and gave added power to the owner of the castle.

Tower of Thor

After the castle war, the Tower of Thor will become complete. When this happens, additional rewards will be given to the champion guild.

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After successfully defending the castle for 5 consecutive times, the players will get the extra EXP Points rewards when hunting monsters in all areas.

- The members of the Champion Guild will gain 6% increase in experience rate.
- Players belonging to the kingdom will gain 6% increase experience rate.

* If the players are also the guild members of Castle of Noatun, they will get the guild reward plus the kingdom reward with 4% bonus.

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