God Class Item Combination

Characters who underwent God class transformation have the ability to create God items to further increase their power. One must undergo a special armor combination.

 Armor Combination

God class armor combination can be performed in Azran through the NPC "Akata". In order to proceed with the combination, you will need one +9 god class armor, one +9 normal armor and Glittering Stone.

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If the item combination is successful, the option of the normal armor will be transferred to the God class armor.

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The additional attributes of ancient armors (item drop rates, increased exp points, damage absorption etc) can't be transferred to the god armors. Only basic attributes can be transferred to the god armors.

 During a successful combination, only the normal armor and the 4 Glittering Stones will vanish. When the combination fails, all items, including the god armors will vanish.

When you have successfully compounded the normal armor and God Class armor, the normal armor's options will be transferred into the God Class's armor. After the successful fusion, the normal armor will disappear and is replaced by a God Class armor with a new option. You may refine your already refined God Class armor again with the normal armor.


God characters that have obtained "Seraphic" powers are now able to wield weapons exclusively for God characters. To get the maximum ability of their weapons, a god must use this new method to complete the transformation.

Weapon Combination

You can get additional item in Transfer God main item through "Tainy" in "Karden" advance base and to get more powerful weapon and defensive weapon, you need to have +9 combined over level D acient item to strengthen more strong weapon.

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Added Option

If the weapon is a combination of the two +9 weapons, the option of the normal weapon will be added to the god weapon. The success rate will depend on the number of +9 items.

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+10 Acient items and +10 items bonus option (drop rate, absolute damage, experience gain, damage absorption) will not be added to the combined items. The combined items will only get the basic options (i.e. damage increase).

When you succeed in weapon combination, items on slot B and C will disappear. You will then get a +7 combined weapon.

When you fail the upgrade, all your items will disappear.

God Anient weapon with option can still be combined with normal acient weapons.

When you have succeeded in god weapon combination, the god weapon will also have the option of the jewelry used.

The items used in the slot C will disappear.

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