Ancient System

 Ancient Items

An item upgraded until +9 can still be upgraded by using a special compounding jewelry. A successful upgrade using this special jewelry has higher damage input and has an additional option depending on the jewelry used. To proceed with the upgrade, you will need one of the following jewelries: Diamond, Emerald, Coral and Garnet. You can use items with upgrades (such as +9 defender) to be boosters to have a higher chance of success rate.

 Item Combination

You can compound the Ancient weapon in Azran town's "compounder". You will need a +9 weapon, jewelry (Diamond, Emerald, Coral and Garnet) and items with upgrades that will raise the success rate of compounding.

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-If you fail in compounding the weapon, all the items will disappear.
-You can only compound 1 Ancient weapon. Compounding it again wont work. +11 items are also not allowed to be boosters in compounding the weapon.

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Take caution when using booster items (items needed to increase success rate)

When upgrading normal weapons into Ancient weapons, it needs +7~+10 items with one grade lower than the item to be compounded. For example, when the weapon to be compounded has a grade of D, the items to be used as boosters should have a grade of C. You can't use Grade A or B items in making the weapon into an Ancient one.

Combined Item

Upon a successful refinement, the Ancient weapon will adopt the option of the jewelry used in refinement. A successful compounding will result to a +7 Ancient weapon.

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