Painting System

  • What's Painting System?

The Painting System is an innovative and creative way of giving players the freedom to express their artistic side by allowing them to paint their defensive items in a wide-array of colors.

  • Items That Can Be Painted

  • Painting Related Items


The bottle contains various color elements and clean water. It can be changed to enamel using "Oriharukon Powder" and is available in the item mall.

  • Painting Method

[Two Painting Basic Formula]
- Formula 1: Firal + Oriharukon Powder = Enamel
- Formula 2: Use completed enamel to paint armors.
[The Painting Process]

Choose carefully what color you want to use.

Buy the painting supplies from the NPC (Premium Trader Nell) and bring the Firal / Enamel item supply to the warehouse.

After wearing Firal in the familiar wear position, if you refine Firal (success rate 100%) using Oriharukon powder, the enamel is now completed.

Using completed enamel, you can change the color of your armor.

  • You cannot paint a +0 armor. You can only do it on "+1 armors" and above.

  • You cannot paint on a painted armor using the same color.

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