Shortcut Key for Chatting



chatting input


Adjust the size of the chatting window


Scroll up the previous chat contents


View recent chat contents


+ Right Mouse Button
Mark character's name in the chat input window

Shortcut Keys

Typically, a normal message can only be seen around your character and only between fellow guild members. You can send your message to any zone by simply pressing the shortcut keys.

Press Enter [message]
Shows the message to other players within the vicinity of the map area.
/ Character name [message]
Sends a whisper
/r [message]
Sends a reply to the player who sent the last whisper.
= [message]
Chat between party members only.
- [message]
Guild Chat. Only guild mates can see each others.
-- [message]
Ally Chat. Only guild members of two guilds that has an alliance can use and see this chat.
@ [message]
Chat with players of same citizenship at the same channel.

Additional Chat Functions
     Nickname available
     As mark nickname on your own character name, you can use special characters to be more creative.

[How to use]
Input the command /tab message (ex. /tab SD I love you^^) and hit enter. Above the character name will appear the message, "SD I love you^^. (Available only for characters level 70 and above)

Note function
Using of note function is ideal when the transaction is about auto trade price or if you have something private to tell.
- In case of leaving a note to the other party.

After inputting, /character name !hello!!, press enter and then the message will be sent to other players.

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