Guild System

If you made it this far, you must already be part of a Guild on the server. Guilds are teams created between players whose objectives are: to strengthen their kingdom and characters, through wars and missions carried out on the server. To understand how the guild system works, it is necessary to know the main points:

Fame Guild

Fame points are attributes received by the Guild through wars carried out on the server. This score is mainly based on placing bets on the cities you would like to conquer through city wars.

-> Fame points are also obtained through the boss Kefra, which has a fixed respawn on Saturday, and the boss SandLich, which spawns 1 time on the server at 23:30 (UTC-3).

-> Fame points are reset on Mondays;

War of Towers

The War of Towers is a battle that takes place daily on the outskirts of Erion, to acquire Fame Guild for your Guild and remove Fame Guild from your opponent. It's one of the main sources of fame in the game, so guilds must participate. This War takes place simultaneously on all channels. Participants choose to defend their guild's tower or attack the opposing guild's tower. At the end of the war, the (Current Fame Guild) + (Acquired Fame Guild) can never be higher than 200.

Example 1: “Guild A” had 199 fame guild and knocked down a tower during the war, it will receive +1 fame guild.

Example 2: Guild B had 190 fame guild and defended the tower during the war, it will receive 10 fame guild.

Example 3: “Guild C” had 100 fame guild and knocked down a tower during the war, it will receive +100 fame guild.

-> The wars take place from Monday to Friday, from 21:00 to 21:30 hours (UTC-3);

-> Wars are enabled on all channels;

-> All characters can participate, without exception.

War of Cities

For a city war to take place, a challenging guild must "bet" on the city it wants to win. To make the bet, the guild must obtain at least 100 fame points. If two guilds bet, whoever has more guild fame will be the challenger. The winning guild wins the city and must defend the city next week.

NPC Name





2457 1986



2538 1715



2109 2146



1059 1747

-> Bets are placed on Saturdays at the NPC found in the city that the guild would like to conquer.

-> The wars take place every Sunday, from 20:00 to 20:30 hours (UTC-3);

War of Noatun

The biggest and most important war for a guild. The guild that holds the crown is the only one that can collect the gold collected in Noatun's castle. It occurs every 15 days, to win the war, the guild leader must occupy (stay on top of) Thor's altar longer than the opposing guild leader, getting more points. A notice with the score of each guild will be shown every 5 minutes.

-> The Noatun wars take place every Sunday from 21:00 to 22:00 hours;

-> The war of Noatun occurs if 2 different guilds have cities on the same server.

-> Now the guild that owns Noatun's castle will receive +200 fame guild on Monday.

Guild Influence

The "guild Influence" is a score that can be obtained by all guild members by carrying out daily activities within the game, thus making members a key piece to guarantee the maintenance of territories, place bets and increase the collection of the guild.

> All guilds wishing to place a bet on Saturday or keep their territories on Sunday must have a guild Influence balance greater than 400;

-> The conversion rate from guild Influence to guild Coins will be changed to 5% for each territory the guild owns;

-> When a guild leader redeems guild coins from a betting NPC on Sunday, he will automatically receive guild coins for all his territories with one click;

-> Guild influence points are reset on Mondays;

The "guild influence" can be obtained by any member of the guild by performing in-game activities. Initially, the activities eligible to receive guild influence are:

Royal Arena: Every round of the Royal Arena, all guilds that have at least 1 member in the winning group will receive "guild influence".

-> Having more members in the winning group will not influence the amount of “Guild Influence” obtained.

IceQueenVerid: When the boss “IceQueenVerid” is defeated, the guild will receive a fixed amount of “Guild Influence” for each guild member who is in the group that performed the boss defeat.

-> The more guild members in the group, the more “guild influence” will be gained by the guild.

SandLich: When the “SandLich” boss is defeated, the guild of all players that are close to the boss will receive a fixed amount of “guild influence”.

-> Players do not need to be in the group of the player who performed the KS to receive the “guild influence”.

LAN Zone A: When defeating monsters in LAN Zone M and A, there will be a chance to get “guild influence”.

Loot Hunter: When performing the “Loot Hunter” quest, there will be a chance of getting a fixed amount of “guild influence” when converting loot to Rubies.

Betting System

To place a bet (city war) on Saturday, the challenging guild will also need to have at least 400 Guild Influence Points, but this score will not be removed.

City Maintenance

Shortly after the end of bets made on Saturday, if the guild that owns a territory does not have the minimum amount of 400 “guild influence” points necessary for "maintenance" of that territory, it will be lost immediately and the challenging guild of that city will be the new owner of the territory.

-> If there are no challenging guilds, the city will be without an owner.

-> Each territory will have a different “guild influence” cost for maintenance.

-> There will be no “guild influence” deduction for maintenance.

Rewards System

The guild will be able to collect guild coins, depending on the amount of guild influence accumulated by the guild during the week. For this to occur, if the guild has the minimum amount to maintain its territories, after the end of betting on Saturday, a percentage of the guild's "guild influence" will be converted into guild coins.

-> Each territory will have its own “guild influence” conversion factor into “guild coins”. Example: A guild that owns Armia would have 15% of GI converted to GC, while a guild with Erion would have 5% of GI converted to GC.

-> This value will be converted and available for redemption by the guild leader at the end of the city war, just like it was with the gold collection in the old system. That way, if the territory is lost in a war, the winning guild will be able to redeem the guild coins from that territory.

-> If the guild has more than one territory, the guild coins can be redeemed in each one of them, following the conversion factor of each territory.

-> After the conversion of “guild influence” into “guild coin”, all “guild influence” is reset.

-> Tax is still charged by NPCs and auto sales but the amount collected is removed from the game.

About Guild Shop

The “guild coin” is delivered in the form of an item that can be used to buy items at the NPC “guild shop”. The "guild shop" has important consumable items for guild maintenance and even exclusive equipment.

Check below the list of items that can be purchased in the guild shop using Guild Coins:

Bless Refining +9

Essence of the Gods +0

Essence of the Gods +6

Lac 100

Moon Stone

Darkness Jewelry

Silver Wyden (1bi)

Beriel's soul

Beriel's heart

Books Sephira

Divine Potion (7 days)

Territorial Potion (24 hours)

Kingdom Amulet +0 for each territory they own.

-> All Guild Coins in the game are deleted during weekly maintenance. Therefore, all Guild Coins must be used in the Guild Shop before Thursday's maintenance or they will be deleted.

-> Only guild leaders can transfer the “guild coins”;

-> All items are immovable;

Territorial Potion: A powerful potion capable of improving various attributes of the warrior who is able to conquer it.

Potion Effects:

+5% HP

+2% EXP gain

+20% drop chance

+4000 PvE damage

-> The potion's effect lasts for 24 hours. Time runs even with the player logged out;

-> Currently, the effect of the potion is canceled if the item “Mystery Stone” is used;

-> Potion bonuses are only applied in the channel where the guild has at least one territory

Kingdom Amulet: An artifact forged by Kersef's most skilled royal blacksmith. It has unique attributes and a unique ability to improve.

Item attributes:

+10% HP

+10% MP

+15 Learn Weapon

+15 Skill Learning

-> The amulet can be refined at NPC Kings Forge (2108 2112) at the cost of [01] Guild Coin. There is a chance of failure, but there is no chance of breakage or loss of refining.

-> The amulet can receive additional random from NPC King Jeweler (2092 2119) at the cost of [02] Guild Coin.

Note 1: The items available in the Guild Shop and their prices may change/balance at any time.

Note 2: The Guild Shop can be accessed from NPCs located inside guild zones or in Noatun (1054 1714).

Note 3: All items purchased at the Guild Shop are immovable and cannot be transferred to the Cargo Guard.

-> The item “Kingdom Amulet” has an additional base of +10% HP/MP, +15 “learn weapon'' and +15 “learn skill”. The item can also be refined and have its additional randomized in a quest using guild coins.

-> All items are immovable and cannot be transferred to the Cargo Guard.

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