Guild System

When you get disconnected from a party, you are permanently seceded from the party but forming or joining a guild is a different case. A guild entails a more lasting involvement. The "party" is the center of gameplay but the "guild" is the center of the community. The guild system consists of the guild war, ranking war and guild battle.

- Forming a Guild
[Create Guild]
In order to create a guild, you must input the command "/create [guild name]" on the chat input window. You must also have one hundred million (100,000,000) gold in your inventory. Once you see the "Medal of Guild Master" in your inventory your 100,000,000 gold will disappear from your inventory. As soon as you wear the "Medal of Guild Master", your new guild will be formed.

[Appointing of Guild Chiefs]

The "Guild Master" can appoint 3 "guild chiefs" (sub-guild master)'. A guild chief has the power to invite players to join the guild and to lead a battle when the 'Guild Master' is not available.

Dominate method

After click 'ctrl + mouse right' to your guild member who will dominate a chief master with 50,000,000 Gold.
If (Input want chief guild name) message window shows up, after input 'chief guild name' and click 'enter'.
When input is done, you wear 'Medal of Guild Chief' automatically as [xxx is dominated to 'chief guild master] message shows up. You spend your gold in inventory guild master as you wearing it.

[Dominate guild member]

The most important role to make a guild size bigger guild member can dominate his favorite character to guild member as spend his gold.
A dominate method is the same with 'chief guild master' one, the dominate price is 4,000,000.

TIP: More explanation about guild medal refer to 'Game intro> items > Accessories'.

Caution - Guild create and guild member dominate need enough gold and good configuration. 

Guild assignment

If you can't play as guild master or guild chief, you can assign your title to a guild member.

[Assignment method]

A character who will be assigned must be a guild member of the same cape and if you input command' /handover [Guild member's name]' that character is forced to wear 'medal of guild master' or 'medal of guild chief'.

It is free to transfer the guild. (Master medal and guild member medal is exchanged)

-Make a guild mark
You can do guild after create guild in game and make a sentence. Because you can check guild name as command but the other ones are guild sentences. Namely, the other party can check with 'guild sentence'.

- Mark guild
A guild that showing in screen is sentence and if you input command '/[character name]', guild name is show up on screen. But, the other character must be on-line and you can check it's chief guild or not. You can check 'guild master and chief guild master', guild member sentence with sentence frame.

- Guild secession and dissolution
If a general guild member wants to leave the guild or a guild master wants to dissolve the guild, please inputs command '/cancellation' in chat window.
The sub guild leader is not allowed to leave the guild directly by using command ‘/cancellation’, but he can leave after transferring his title to other guild member.
In case the guild master wants to kick a guild member or sub guild leader leave the guild, click ‘Ctrl + mouse right button’ and click expel.

Guild member number Recruitment price for one guild member
1 ~ 40 1,000,000 Gold
41 ~ 80 3,000,000 Gold
81 ~ 120 5,000,000 Gold
121 ~ 160 7,000,000 Gold
161 ~ 200 9,000,000 Gold
201 ~ 240 11,000,000 Gold
241 ~ 280 13,000,000 Gold

Caution y

Include guild master and chief guild master in number.
A chief guild master spends 5 thousand gold irrespective of number.
A character in same account is not included in guild number.
When you leave guild, guild number counter decreases and in case of several medals in one account, counter further decreases after all leave there.

Alliance between Guilds
Between other guild,through an alliance, you can stop attack to your guild member who declare an alliance in PK possible area or siege warfare . Through an alliance, as you attack guild member who in friendly relations, you can stop into 'Chaos condition', Declare of an alliance could be in one guild.

Caution -

An alliance is not made in agreement but confirm another party to an alliance and declare to not attack. In case only you declare an alliance, you can't attack the other party but another party can attack you. To make a perfect alliance, two guilds have to declare an alliance.

Guilds Command

guildTo see connected guild member list. To see battle condition with other guild.
- [message]Send chat to guild member
-- [message]Send chat to entire alliance
guildtax [tax rates]The normal tax rate is from 0~20%(Only the champion guild that holds a guild zone of one of the cities is allowed).
summonguildSummon all guild members who are on line. Guild leader can summon all guild members including sub guilds.
( Guild chief can only summon sub guilds)
/cancellation Leave from guild
/relo [guild member's name]move to that guild member's place
(only possible when wearing 'medal of guild master, medal of kingdom chief, medal of kingdom)
Transfer possible level = level +100 of oneself
/EndwarOnly the guild leader and the guild chief can cancel the declaration of war.
/endalliesOnly the guild leader and the guild chief can cancel an alliance.
/create [guild name]Create new guild(You must not join in guild and spend 1 billion gold)
/handover [guild member's name]Guild master, guild chief hand over to their guild member
/[character name]check the other character’s guild name (If the other character is off-line, you cant' check it)

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