Party System


All players in With Your Destiny Origins can form a party. Forming a party will enable players to acquire more experience points. This is especially recommended for low level players or beginners, as it will help them to level-up faster, and it will make the game easier compared to playing solo. Players using their different skills will be much more effective in a party.

Forming a Party

You can only join one party at a time. Before you can join another party, you need to leave your current party. The Beast Master's summoned monsters are also included as party members

How to Form a Party

Party Use CTRL+ Right Mouse Button to click on a character. Then open the menu to select 'Party' and send the party forming message to the chosen characters.

How to Join a Party

When the party window with party register message appears, just click on the red, blinking name of the party leader and you will be automatically accepted. Otherwise, click the Leave Party button to decline the invitation.

How to Expel a Party Member

The Party Leader can expel any member of the party by clicking the name of the character on the party window and pressing CTRL + left mouse button.

Experience Sharing System

Numbers of Party Member
Bonus Exp.
2 people
3 people
4 people
5 people
6 people
7 people
8 people and above

Experience Points Rewards are divided according to the experience points earned from killing each monster and will be based on the character level. The higher the player's level, the higher the experience points given.

TIP: Having a Foema character in a party will enable the Foema to teleport other party members to other areas except in certain restricted zones. To activate this skill, right click on the members' name on the party window. When the party member confirms the summoning icon, he or she will be instantly teleported to the location of the Foema.

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