Skills Usage

Skill Master 

Character levels up through hunting; it will acquire 'skill points" and "skill mastery points". To learn a new skill, just go to Armia and locate your designated Skill Master and choose the skill/s you would like to acquire.
Basic skills or low-level skills can be learned using a few skill points but high-level skills require more skill points. A skill can only be learned through each character's "Skill Master". The amount of skill points that are consumed will depend on the skill you would like to acquire.

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TIP: Before learning any of the skills, you must first understand your character's skill chart carefully. Improper skills and skill mastery allocation can be reset via the Divine Circle, Bless of God and Balance of Power Quest.

Skill Mastery

Each class has three types of skill. Each type of skill has eight skills and each character has a total of 24 skills. A skill's power can be enhanced by adding skill point to the corresponding skill mastery. Weapon mastery also increases a character's physical attack power.

Skill and weapon mastery should be raised or adjusted according to your character's needs and specifications. That way you can raise more powerful character.

Skill master's maximum
You can use special points when you get to level up by 2 points. Master's limitation is level x 1.5 in each level.
Skill Mastery maximum points is 200. But if you acquire the item for increase of skill mastery or the 8th skill, you can apply maximum of 255.

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