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So, now you are new to With Your Destiny, You are so excited to start playing the game, that you want to know everything about the game in no time?

With Your Destiny is a massively multiplayer online game with great popularity. It is primarily based in historical times of swords and axes. You will enjoy playing With Your Destiny for its simple game logic and its ease of dealing with the game system and interaction with other players.

Furthermore, With Your Destiny has a unique game system that covers everything from trading up to headiest battles you will ever see.

With Your Destiny is not just a game; it’s a world full of adventures, ambitions, passion and even love!

Get yourself ready to sail in the huge ocean of With Your Destiny!!

With Your Destiny provides a very friendly game interface that is easy to learn in a few minutes if you are new to the game.

1.) Name bar – Shows you the Name and also the Level of your Character.

2.) Health Bar – Shows you how many Health Points your character has, and it also has a numerical value inside the bar.

3.) Mana Bar – Shows you how many Mana Points your character got, and it also has a numerical value inside the bar.

4.) C.C. (Character Command) cc.jpg – Acts like a helper through different stages of the game.

When you click C.C. button a small bar will appear. It consists of 4 icons and I will describe each below :

  1. C.C. Modeccon.PNG – This is the on/off and also the operation mode button. It has 3 different modes.
  • Physical or Damage Attack Mode dmg.PNG – When this mode is on, your character will attack physically and independent on the class or type of your weapon.
  • Magic Attack Mode map.PNG – When this mode is on, your character will attack using its skill from the skill bar. skillbar.PNG “Note:* Only the coverage of the “red bar” will be cast.”
  • Potion Use Mode cpots.PNG – When this mode is on, your character will attack neither physically nor magically, but it will only be able to use HP/MP recovery potions.

2. Potion Dose Percentage pots.PNG – This can adjust the minimum level of Hp/MP to start using potions for auto recovery. “Note:* you can adjust it from 0% to 90%.”

3. Mount Feed Dose Percentage mpots – This can adjust the minimum level of Mount HP to start using mount feed for auto recovery.“Note:* you can adjust it from 0% to 90%.”

4. Movement Type– Contains 3 types of motion when attacking.

  • Static move.PNG – Your character will attack only within its range and will not move automatically unless you do it manually.
  • Free Movement moving.PNG – Your character will move freely to put targets within his range.
  • Stationary stay.PNG – Your character will move just like “Free Movement” to put targets in his range, but it will be within a small ranged area. When the character is furthest from the set point that you have defined before choosing this type, it will automatically move back to its point.

5. Help Window help.PNG – This is the Game Main Help source and contains many useful info. Please see picture and more info below :

help 150w, 300w" sizes="(max-width: 627px) 100vw, 627px" data-image="egzuopo1v1aq">
  • Hotkeys : Useful shortcut buttons for many actions in the game.
  • Command: List of commands in the game.
  • Others: A simple guide action like C.C. mode, Auto trade, Skills, Party and Item Upgrading.
  • Message: The place where you can receive messages from other players or notification messages.

6. System Menu (‘ESC’) system.PNG – Contains main system button as :


  • Change Server – It will allow you to switch between different servers while staying connected to the game server with the same character. “Note:* You will be relocated to the last visited town if you use this function “.
  • Change Character– It will take you back to the character selection screen to switch between characters.“Note:* You will be relocated to the last visited town if you use this function “.
  • Leave Game – It will close the With Your Destiny Client window.
  • Cancel – Exits the current window.

7.Community– It will take you to the With Your Destiny main board forum where you can find the latest discussion.

6. Skill Barskilllll.PNG – Contains 10 slots so that you can arrange your skills just as you wish. You will also notice that there are (4) red bars over the last 4 slots; these bars are used for auto skill use with C.C. Magic mode. “Note:* You can add those red bars by pressing ( – ) on your keyboard “.

7. Chat window– This is where you can see other messages in the kingdom , normal, civil, whisper, and guild. Let's discuss all below :

  1. Kingdom Chat (‘@’) – the Only Player with the same kingdom can see your message and it will be shown as Color BLUE.(i.e. If you are joined in Hekalotia Kingdom (Blue Cape) only Blue cape bearer can read your Kingdom Chat same as Akelonia Kingdom ).
  2. Normal Chat – the Only player within the range can read your messages.
  3. Civil Chat (‘@@) – the Only Player with the same citizen can read/see your message and it will shown as Color PURPLE.
  4. Whisper Chat– the Only selected player can read this message and you can reply it by using (/r).
  5. Guild Chat – There are (2) Types of Guide Chat :
  • Normal Guild Chat ( – ) – Only members of the guild can see this chat and it will appear as Color TURQUOISE.
  • Allied Guild Chat ( –) – Only allied guild members can see this chat and it will appear as Color AQUA.

8. Experience bar – This bar shows graphically the amount of experience you have gained through a certain level. In With Your Destiny, a level is the sum of 4 full experience bars – called Quarters. Full bars are shown as red dots to the right of the skill bar. One complete level means 3 red dots and a full bar of experience.

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